Right on cue down on the farm

Cue travel to Berkshire to provide audio visual support for the Connect programme.

Connect is a leadership programme that inspires, develops and connects leaders whose professional paths would not normally cross. It brings together a diverse community of top leaders to learn alongside and from each other.

This highly dynamic two-day event was held at Sheepdrove near Hungerford and was spread over seven rooms and the boathouse. Each space required a different technical approach.

In the main presentation space, we provided 10K lumen video projectors for rear projection onto a circular screen to display the presentations. The screen was mounted into a circle of truss suspended from the roof. We up lit the walls to compliment colourful floor washes as well as providing lighting to highlight presenters. A sound system was also provided using radio microphones for each presenter and audio feeds for videos and presentations.

In the Elm room, Cue custom built a spherical lighting feature designed by Charlie Cridlan. This was suspended from the roof using LED tape, neon tubes and festoon lighting all secured to a frame made up of black plastic circles. 60” display screens and a sound system were used for presentations with the client controlling their own slides.

The other rooms all featured lighting with sound systems, 60” Plasma screens and sexy stands were used to support the presentations to compliment the theming of each room

The lighting design enriched the atmosphere for delegates throughout each space. Battery powered lights and festoon lighting lined the pathway to the boathouse where dinner was held outside with a lamb roast, ‘Yummy!’.

The Cue project management and creative team worked alongside the event designer to create this amazing and unique event. The project was visualised in 3D so everyone could see how each space would look and work. It was our job to turn these visuals into reality!