Meet The Apprentice:

Daisy Triance

We caught up with warehouse apprentice, Daisy, to find out more about what she gets up to as a part of her apprenticeship

How long have you worked with Cue?

I started with Cue in August 2019, so it’s been about 6 months now. My apprenticeship is a yearlong, so I’m already halfway through!

My day-to-day tasks tend to involve helping to prep jobs – so, preparing all the equipment needed for an event, and making sure they’re all in working order, and labelled correctly – loading and unloading vans with the right equipment for the job, and generally keeping the warehouse tidy. We have lots of events coming in and out throughout the week, so as you can imagine, the warehouse can sometimes get a bit chaotic.

What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

I’ve always been really interested in the industry – especially the tech side of things. I’m more of a hands-on person, so thought an apprenticeship would be a great opportunity for an introductory role.

What are you hoping to achieve through your apprenticeship?

I’m pretty set on working within the industry, and the apprenticeship has cemented my interest in it. I’m hoping at the end of it, I’ll be able to gain full-time employment. It’s definitely something I see myself doing long-term. But also, I’m hoping to gain more knowledge about the industry as a whole, especially the technology we use. 

How is Cue helping to support that goal?

The support has been great. I’ve already learnt a lot, and I’m still learning so much more each day. I’m getting the opportunity to go on site to rig and derig, which is what I hope to be doing permanently after the apprenticeship, so it feels really good to be trusted to represent the company outside of the warehouse.

We also get lots of training, especially on the job training, so the support has been second to none.

What do you hope to do with the experience once your apprenticeship is over?

I’ll be finishing my apprenticeship in August, and ideally, I’d love to stay at Cue as a permanent member of the team. It’s really nice working here – I think it’s a good environment for me. Everyone is so friendly, and I just feel like I fit in.

Long term, I’d probably be looking at working my way up to becoming a driver tech, and eventually maybe a project manager.

What qualification are you working towards?

I’m working towards the Warehousing Supply Chain qualification Level 2

What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

The practicality of the role is what drew me to it. I love working with all the equipment – it’s definitely the best part of the apprenticeship.

I’m getting so much more information than I thought I would have. Traditionally, an apprenticeship would just involve packing and unpacking lorries, but here I’m getting to learn a wee bit about the technical equipment, which is really cool. I’m learning more than I thought I would!

What’s been the biggest challenge/lesson so far?

Most of my day-to-day duties involve lifting, so my biggest challenge has been working on my strength – especially in a warehouse full of boys! But I can mostly keep up, and definitely feel myself getting stronger.

I did notice, after Christmas, that the break really had an effect. When I came back, it felt like the same sort of struggle you’d have when you’ve had a break from the gym! I do feel like I get a workout every day, which is a bonus.

What are your hobbies outside of your apprenticeship?

Most of my spare time is spent scouting. I’m a scout leader so you’ll usually find me running camps and activities such as rock climbing, and – on the odd occasion – Laser Quest. It’s good fun.

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