Right on cue for Linde

A 2-day product launch in warehouse space for Linde one of the UK’s largest forklift manufacturers.

Linde Material Handling UK, one of the largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, wanted to turn an empty warehouse space into an arena for clients and employees to observe the launch of three new products over two days. Starting from scratch, Cue’s project team had to draw the space using 3D software and the present ideas to them.

Cue created reveal doors for the products to appear from a backstage holding area, a catwalk for the products to move down and seating for guests to view the event.

Due to the nature of the venue, our projects team need to arrange for the removal of old racking, old barriers and employ a structural engineer to rate the roof beams for weight loading.

We built the reveal doors which included LED battens and blinders along with low fog, to create a ‘stars in their eyes’ entrance for all presenters and the products in the launch, and flew a 14m x 4m box truss to hang 60 moving lights and 40 static lights. Video technicians installed ten LCD screens hanging from truss to show videos of the products and relay live cameras. To enhance the product reveal, Cue’s lighting crew installed and operated indoor fireworks and haze to create the ‘wow’ effect.

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