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Avolites Quartz Desk 
13amp Power Supply

The Avolites Quartz is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with onboard processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen, in our smallest full-featured console. Super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide, the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.
Featuring the same high-quality faders and hardware you’ve come to expect from Avolites, the Quartz can go anywhere you can, ideal for life on the road.
Offering full compatibility with Multi-user, the Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. The Quartz is ready to benefit from multi-band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in the Titan mobile wing. Combine your new Quartz with a Titan Mobile Wing for a massive 30 precision playback faders and 50 programmable executable buttons all packaged up in a travel case you can throw in your car or hold luggage.

  • Super compact form – just 42.5cm wide
  • 4 physical DMX XLR-5 connectors
  • 16 DMX universes from the console – 8192 channels
  • Compatible with Titan Net – up to 64 universes
  • Gigabit network port for Titan Net, Artnet and streaming ACN
  • Built-in MIDI input, no extra boxes required
  • 10 precision playback faders
  • 3 high-quality optical encoders
  • Compatible with Titan Remote
  • 20 programmable macro buttons
  • Supports multi-band Sound-to-Light
  • Bright and vibrant 12.1″ angled touchscreen with brightness control
  • DVI-D for external display
  • Headphone output
  • Button layout harmonised with the rest of the Titan range
  • Robust construction – built for life on the road
  • Conveniently located front panel mounted super speed USB3 port
  • Expandable with Titan Mobile Wing through a dedicated USB port
  • Dimensions (mm): Console Only – 425 x 466 x 194, Console in Flight case- 520 x 480 x 300
  • Weights: Console Only – 8Kg, Console in Flight case- 15.65Kg

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